Zucchini Season: 3 Perfect Non-Bake Recipes


Gardeners in Wisconsin know that this is the time of year when zucchini begin to grow uncontrollably! For some gardeners, they just can’t keep up with the amount. Often times, people get overwhelmed by the thought of eating another zucchini dish, and their friends have had enough of the free produce for a while; So what they collected from their harvest ends up being wasted.

The harvest you worked so hard to grow doesn’t have to go by without eating or visiting the bottom of your trash, these three recipes can help you get the most out of your harvest.

1. Pineapple and zucchini cake

USDA – MyPlate They list a pineapple zucchini cake recipe on their website. This delicious method offers a great way to change up traditional zucchini muffins by incorporating crushed pineapple.

The recipe, provided by the Montana State University Extension Service, is offered in both Einglish And the Spanish.

2. Zucchini Cole Slaw

Coleslaw is a great summer side dish. It goes well with good ole Wisconsin fish fry and even pulled pork. Find this recipe, provided by the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service, online at Einglish or Spanish. As stated in the recipe, “This colorful dish is a delicious alternative to a sweet salad and a great way to eat vegetables.”

3. Zucchini pancakes

The University of Wyoming’s Cent$ible Nutrition Program is making reasonable choices this summer by offering a recipe for zucchini pancakes. This recipe can be found online at Einglish And the Spanish. The instructions include 3 easy steps to help you make it as a side dish to complement any delicious dinner.

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