The MRC Crypto Summit brings together industry experts to explore how cryptocurrency is changing e-commerce


The highly anticipated Virtual Summit will focus on all things crypto, including how merchants can securely accept crypto, the current state of anonymity, successful crypto processing tools, and much more.

SeattleAnd the August 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – The Merchant Risk Council (MRC) is hosting a virtual summit focusing on the past, present and future of cryptocurrencies in relation to global e-commerce payment acceptance and fraud mitigation.

on the Internet top encryptionhosted on September 13, 2022 Sponsored by Sift, industry-leading speakers promise to examine how modern e-commerce is being shaped by the rapid expansion of this alternative payment method.

“It is clear that cryptocurrency is a hot topic at the moment,” he said. Julie FergusonCEO of the Trader Risk Board. “But we wanted to move beyond common talking points like volatility and cryptocurrency as a speculative method and instead focus on its true potential as a payment option. Through this summit, we hope to help traders learn how to implement and accept digital currencies. We want to study the opportunities that crypto presents, as well as the hurdles which still needs to be overcome.”

The event will cover a wide range of topics, with presentations from industry leaders such as Google, Microsoft, and more, and a main panel featuring subject matter experts in the crypto space: the co-founder of digital payments company Flexa, Trevor filterand Tony Gallipe, co-founder of Bitcoin payment service BitPay.

“It is a nice Exciting collection of topics and speakersJulie says. We have experts who can express the unique concerns that traders face when deciding to accept cryptocurrency. I am looking to gain a law enforcement perspective as well; Submitted by Europol will guide us through the current state of anonymity in crypto transactions. Anyone interested in blockchain or cryptocurrency will benefit from these unique perspectives.”

registration in MRC Crypto Virtual Summit is now open. Attendees can Explore the detailed agenda for more information.

About the MRC:

MRC is a 501(c)6 nonprofit organization with global membership that connects e-commerce and payments fraud prevention professionals through educational programs, online community groups, conferences, and networking events. Boasting over 600 companies, including over 400 merchants, it provides education on fraud prevention, payment optimization, and risk management.

The MRC was launched in 2000 and remains at the forefront of industry development and the ongoing fight against e-commerce fraud.

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