Avocado Fillings You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner


If you like macaroni and cheese but want to make it creamier, Avocados may be just the ticket. If you are using a square mix, follow the instructions as shown, then add the avocado mix with the addition of cheese, milk, and butter after the pasta is cooked. Consider adding just the can of avocado and cheese first to see if you need the milk and butter. Your avocado may serve the same purpose as milk and butter.

If you’re making pasta from scratch, mix two avocados with milk and goat cheese. Then, fold it into your pasta. When everything melts together, add the grated mozzarella cheese. This recipe may be more adult-friendly, so if you’re hoping to pass it on to a picky little kid, you might be better off with the packaged method.

No matter which method you choose, your macaroni and cheese will get a little green, so this could be a great option for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

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