VD Browser & Video Downloader: Learn How to Download and Use This App


    Do you always find it difficult to download a certain video on the internet? You try to look for different ways to find the best option to have such a video and you end up getting restricted. Chances are, you have not seen what VD Browser & Video Downloader can do.

    The VD Browser app is an all-in-one tool with different features to help make your online life a lot easier. You get unrestricted access to different websites through its fast and safe browser, a cleaner that targets junk files, an easy-to-use video downloader, a file manager, and more. You can finally end your search for that one app that does everything.

    If you want to learn more about VD Browser, check out how to download and use this app with the article down below.

    • Here’s How You Can Solve Your Browsing and Downloading Problems
    • Nothing Is Impossible with the VD Browser
    • Download the Videos in Just One Tap on the Screen
    • Make Your Phone Work Faster with This Amazing Feature
    • Manage Your Files in Just a Few Taps

    Here’s How You Can Solve Your Browsing and Downloading Problems

    VD Browser is a multitool app that is designed to solve most of your browsing and downloading problems. Developed by DS Tools, VD Browser & Video Downloader offer a lot of tools to make your browsing life much more convenient.

    Imagine having a tool that lets you browse any website from all over the world without any problem or restriction. This app is one of the fastest and safest browsers you can ever find.

    Users can browse any website they like with utmost anonymity. Think of it like having a VPN installed directly on your browser. The best part about using the VD Browser is it also allows you to download the videos that you like.

    But, there’s still more to discover about VD Browser & Video Downloader.

    How and Where to Download VD Browser

    VD Browser & Video Downloader are exclusively available at the Google Play Store for Android devices.

    To download the app, launch the platform and search for the name. Tap Install to start downloading the app and wait until it is fully installed before tapping Open to launch it.

    The app will then ask for permission so feel free to allow access to your phone. You will also need to set up the main folder where all of your downloads will be located. Make sure that you download this app only through the Google Play Store to avoid any safety issues.

    Nothing Is Impossible with the VD Browser

    Internet privacy has always been a point of discussion amongst millions of users. You don’t know if you’re safe browsing the internet with your current browser.

    VD Browser & Video Downloader: Learn How to Download and Use This App
    Image Source: USA Today

    This is why the VD Browser app was created to provide you with the safety and security of being able to browse privately. Some users might also be interested in browsing content from another country which also poses some issues regarding restrictions.

    VD Browser allows you to go over the restrictions by letting you browse anonymously. This way, you get to watch some foreign films or gain access to restricted websites within your country.

    You can get a free proxy to gain access to millions of websites from all over the world. Now, you can safely access websites without having to think about your safety and privacy. With the VD Browser, nothing is impossible.

    Simple Interface for Easy Navigation

    Imagine using a browser app and all you want to do is get to the website that you want to go to. The thing is, there are so many options to choose from and you don’t even know where the search bar is. This is very common in many browsing apps today.

    VD Browser immediately solves this issue by using a very simple interface. You can spot the search bar and type the website almost instantly the moment you launch the app. Navigation is very easy as well since all you need to do is hit Back and you’ll load back to your previous page.

    There are also other options on the browser that will help simplify your experience. Things like text size and improved connectivity are just some of the things that make VD Browser one of the best in the market.

    Download the Videos in Just One Tap on the Screen

    We all know that it is impossible to download videos by browsing apps like Chrome and Firefox. Sometimes, you just want to grab an entertaining video so you can use it for yourself.

    There are also times when you find an educational video that you want to download for use at school. Now, you can download any videos with the help of the app. Load the video as usual and you’ll see an option to download the video on the screen.

    Tap the button and it will begin to download the video while you watch. VD Browser even has a feature that lets you download the video as fast as possible. You can initiate fast downloading the moment you tap the Download button.

    Be reminded that the download speed will still be based on your internet connection and not on the app.

    A Wide Variety of File Formats for Your Convenience

    Notice that there are a lot of different file formats when you create a video. Sometimes, your mobile device cannot play such video because it does not recognize the file format.

    You have to change or convert the video to a more recognizable file format and this can be a very complicated process. Non-tech-savvy people will find it difficult which is why VD Browser has made it a lot easier. You can now choose between a wide variety of file formats for your videos so you can always play them on your mobile device.

    No more of that complex conversion process that can render the video into a low-quality mess. All you need to do before you save the video is choose the file format and download it. It will then play on any mobile device that you own that recognizes the file format.

    Make Your Phone Work Faster with This Amazing Feature

    Many mobile devices tend to run slowly over time. This is because mobile phones have limited storage and the number of apps and other processes that run in the background can take a toll on the device.

    VD Browser & Video Downloader: Learn How to Download and Use This App
    Image Source: Avast

    You need to regularly clean your phone of all the junk files that have collected throughout the years of using your phone. VD Browser & Video Downloader have a junk cleaner feature that clears out all the unnecessary files on your phone.

    Once you’ve run a thorough clean, you’ll notice that your phone works much faster and apps are more responsive to your commands. You have a lot of space to work with now that you have cleaned your phone of files that you don’t need.

    Checks Other Threats on Your Phone

    Speaking of cleaning your phone, VD Browser also has another feature that you will surely like to have. Many of your phone’s issues stem from either not having enough space for malware or virus infection. You already know how important it is to have your phone safe and secure.

    Malware and viruses are just a few of the most common reasons why your phone has performance issues. VD Browser has a feature that lets you check threats such as malware and viruses on your phone and isolate them before they infect other areas.

    This is highly recommended since you’re downloading videos and many other things on the internet using the browser. Always run this feature whenever you have the chance to protect your phone.

    Manage Your Files in Just a Few Taps

    VD Browser lets you download a lot of stuff including videos to your phone. You’ll soon notice that you have a lot in your storage and it becomes very difficult to manage all of them.

    VD Browser & Video Downloader: Learn How to Download and Use This App
    Image Source: Simplemost

    It can be a nuisance to find the video that you’re looking for so VD Browser makes it a lot easier for you to do so. You can now manage all of your files by categorizing them.

    This way, you can go through your library of files and gallery of photos and videos easily.

    Protect Your Files and Videos with Passwords

    Privacy is one of the most prioritized features with VD Browser. Apart from having a fast, private, and safe browsing experience and malware protection, the app also lets you protect your phone from those who want to snoop around.

    Protect your files, videos, and photos by locking them behind passwords. You can create a folder where you can place all of your private files and add a password that only you can use. This way, no one can access these files except you.


    If you want to have unrestricted access to the internet and download the videos that you like, let VD Browser & Video Downloader do that for you. You have a fast download manager that also lets you clean your phone and check for threats. It is everything that you need in one app.

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