Is luck in favor of the brave? If you invested $1,000 in bitcoin when Matt Damon said, you’d get a lot more now


I remember last year when the actor was Matt Damon He told the world that “wealth favors the brave.” The line has been used to relate risks to celebrities over the years and relate it to investment Bitcoin Bitcoin / US DollarThe world’s leading cryptocurrency.

Here’s a look at how investors have held bitcoin since the commercial aired.

what happened: Launched An advertisement on October 28, 2021 featuring actor Matt Damon. The commercial, titled “Fortune favors the brave,” highlights the moments in time when explorers and stuntmen (like the Everest climbers and the Wright Brothers) achieved something by being brave.

“History is almost full,” says the “Good Will Hunting” star. “These are mere mortals, just like you and me… Staring at the edge, calming their minds and upsetting their nerves with four simple words that the daring have whispered since the time of the Romans: Wealth favors the brave.”

commercial too broadcast During Super Bowl LVI as one of the Many ads related to cryptocurrency During the NFL Championship game.

Invest $1,000 in Bitcoin: On the day the commercial aired (October 28, 2021), Bitcoin was trading in a range between $5,820,692 and $62,128.63.

If an investor buys $1000 of Bitcoin at the lowest price of the day, he will be able to buy 0.01718 BTC.

The $1000 investment is worth $422.54 today based on the $2,4594.90 price of bitcoin.

Investment will drop 57.7% since the commercial aired.

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Bitcoin has been very volatile over the years with downside pressure in 2022. Bitcoin reached all-time highs in November 2021 after the commercial aired.

Wealth may favor the brave in the future, but it’s down more than 50% since Damon’s commercial aired.

South Park immediately cheater The announcement is in a special broadcast called “The Streaming Wars Part 2”, which was broadcast on Paramount + from Paramount International Co Paraparagraph A. Instead of using Bitcoin in an advertisement with Damon, the animation uses a new method of recycled water.

The creators of “South Park” Trey Parker And the Matt Stone They made fun of Damon before.

In an episode called “Pajama Day,” one of the main character’s classmates said, “My dad said he listened to Matt Damon and lost all his money.”

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